Wilquote by William T. Co

Just because you Kissed me Goodnight

                               Artwork by BobbyRubio
Just because you kissed me goodnight 
I was fluttered beyond words 
Left the stair ajar and hurried up the gates 
Forgot to kiss gown and slept with my papa on 
First time, I missed my night prayer. 

Wake up early morning, fully refreshed 
Leisurely took breakfast and kissed papa goodnight 
Busy attending to clients, seeking their counsels 
Come home late, for I missed a turn. 

That’s a week ago, now I’m back to normal 
Left papa at the bay with his rod 
Finished work on the dot and was home early 
Oh! I forgot to pick up papa at the bay 
Just because you kissed me goodnight.
- William T. Co