Wilquote by William T. Co

New Orleans (2000)

Summer was starting to fade when we visited
Air humidly warm, with showers when needed
Place seems to be deserted, unlike ours
So crisp and clean, surely you used giant vacuums.

Friendly, cool, relaxed, especially the blacks
So friendly, that we're now one of them
Jokes and laughter come out of the blue
So lively, they hum and sway all day.

Went to Riverwalk, for the scene and the food
Plantations, museums, history so rich, a war so pitiful
Casinos, I can't understand where the money comes from
Night time at Bourbon Street, booze, jazz, and strip in the air. 

What a place. Wish I live, lay, and be laid here.
I had to move. The day I left, I woke from a dream.
Oh no! Orleanians, you had me but no more
You gloss everything, drunkards, gamblers, and strippers.

Yes, no place is everyplace, have to move someplace
Erehwon will always be a place far far away.
- William T. Co