Wilquote by William T. Co

Poor Man, Rich Man

A poor man who acts poor feels nothing 
 A poor man who acts rich feels miserable 
A rich man who acts rich feels unsatisfied 
And a rich man who acts poor feels enriched.
- William T. Co


  1. I think its not necessarily "A rich man who acts POOR feels enriched". Coz too much humilty is pride.

    1. Thank you for the comment, made me think about things.

  2. While agreeing with you, I cant accept everything you say. Yes, the poor man who acts poor is nothing indeed, yet I am writing proudly now in spite of the fact I can't order anything (for example, instant grammar checker or any course to improve my English) due my financial poverty. So what's the poverty? I think, that's the life without God.
    Best wishes from Art by Tomas

    1. I see what you're saying there, Tomas. Thank you for your insight.


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